Heureka! is a word of greek origin and a famous quote of greek mathematician and inventor Archimedes. "Found!", Archimedes shouted euphorically after solving the problem of measuring an objects' density without melting it - an unsolved problem at his time. Similarly, in the Josef Ressel-Centre HEUREKA! we aim to find solutions to difficult problems of our time. The methods to solve these tasks however have changed over time and became more complex. Still, our problem solving competence is in parts highly inspired by a simple abstraction of natural and biological models such as the evolutionary process. The algorithms that we investigate and enhance at HEUREKA! take advantage of state of the art computational resources and will hopefully allow us to be as euphoric as Archimedes when we will be able to shout Heureka! - Found!

Heureka! Team
The Heureka Team (from left to right):
Stefan Wagner, Monika Kofler, Andreas Beham, Michael Affenzeller, Michael Kommenda, Stephan Winkler, Gabriel Kronberger


The Josef-Ressel Centre for Heuristic Optimization Heureka! is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and our industry partners.